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Hi Meghan & Stu

It’s Uyen & Gery, we choose pocket puggle #542 back in August. We just wanted to say thanks for all your help, we named our puppy Charlie, and we absolutely love him. Charlie is doing very well, he has lots of love, he started dog training last week and he is great, he’s a quick learner. We just can’t get enough of him, he’s fun, playful and active, he is also sweet and affectionate. We are celebrities here where we live because we are the only couple that has a puggle. We would just like to say thanks for giving us the perfect pup. We’ve also attached some pictures of Charlie, check out how cute he is.

Thanks so much

Uyen & Gery

                                                  Charley the Puggle
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Hi Meghan,

Just wanted to thank you again and send you some pictures. We have decided on the name Sadie. She is a darling, trying to keep up with her sister. One of the pciture is Sadie and her sister Layla chilling on the couch with a bone. Sadie has also found that she loves napping on the couch.

Thanks again,


                     Sadie the Puggle
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Thanks Stu!

We have received our pocket puggle and could not imagine a cuter dog. You guys truely take care of you dogs and aren’t just breeders. Attached is a picture of her on the way home from the airport. Wev’e decided to call her Izzy for Isabella. More pictures to come.

Thanks Again,
Brooke and Justin
Dallas Texas

                       Izzy the Puggle
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Stu and Meghan~

Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are in love with puppy #558 &.who is now LUCY! What a wonderful puppy. She has already settled into her new home wonderfully. Last night we went to a neighborhood Halloween party where Lucy was dressed as Toto &.she was a hit. Everyone couldn’t believe how calm and loving her personality is. After only 3 days she is doing great with her kennel training. Couldn’t be happier with the decision we made to get a puppy but most importantly a pocket puggle. Thank you for the quick shipping and for the incredibly awesome puppy.

Shane, Michelle, Emma & Sarah (& Lucy) Quinn

Minneapolis, MN

Pocket Puggle Lucy
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Hi guys, you asked me to send you a picture of our Pocket Puggle in six months. Well here she is..Two pictures from the day we got her next to a stuffed pug and one in her little bed; and a couple from the other day. Notice the same stuffed pug is in the picture. She is seven months old and weighs 14.5 pounds. You originally said 10 to 11 pounds, but she hasn’t grown any in about 3 weeks so we think she has finally reached her max. Plus, we love her size!

We just love her. She has given us so much joy. She is the lovingest dog I have ever seen! We take her everywhere. If you remember, we got her for my wife, but she has really taken to me and I love it!

Thank You
Dr. Shelley A. Gale
Immanuel Baptist Church
Klamath Falls, Oregon

                Missy the Pocket Puggle