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Lola the Puggle

Hi Stu & Meghan-

Just wanted to give you an update on my little puggle princess Lola (she was puggle no 719) she is doing great. She is a little socialite on the NY city streets… she must stop and say hello to all the other little doggies she meets on her walks and everyone stops me to tell me how she is the cutest thing ever. Attached are some recent pics of her. gry hazardowe za pieniądze


Lola the Puggle
Lola the Puggle
Lola the Puggle


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Thanks Stu!

We have received our pocket puggle and could not imagine a cuter dog. You guys truly take care of your dogs and aren’t just breeders. bet hunter sportfogadas Attached is a picture of her on the way home from the airport. We’ve decided to call her Izzy for Isabella. More pictures to come.

Thanks Again,
Brooke and Justin
Dallas Texas

Izzy the Puggle
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Bonnie the Schnauzer

Hi there Stu,

My husband and I purchased a Westie Schnauzer mix from you last fall (born March 28) and I just wanted to send you an update.
We named her Bonnie and she has been an absolute riot to have in our house. kasyno online na pieniadze She’s very healthy and social and we just love her. darmowe gry hazardowe 77777 Her favorite toy is a ball shaped like Charlie Brown and she loves to camp and hang out with other dogs.
She’s also incredibly sweet and great with the grand kids. najlepsze gry kasyno
Thanks so much for her! 🙂


Bonnie the Schnauzer
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Hi Meghan & Stu:

Our Pocket Puggle “Max” is now a little over one-year-old, and not a
Pocket Puggle anymore! He’s 28 pounds and healthy. fogadóiroda He is the best dog
we’ve ever owned! Besides the fact that he is devistatingly handsome,
he is such a loving, kind, playful, and happy dog.

He needs two walks a day to keep his energy level down — but that’s
good, because it keeps us in shape! We just brought a new Beagle puppy
home about two weeks ago and Max has welcomed him with open arms. They
already get along so well –they play together, eat together, and
sleep together.

But thank you both, Meghan & Stu, for introducing us to the Puggle
breed. They are such fantastic dogs!

You guys are so awesome to work with — if anyone of our family
members or friends wants to get a Puggle, I will be sure to give them
your information.

Spence, Chaucer & Nancy

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Just letting you know Ruby (the puggles name) got here fine. gry kasyno online bez rejestracji Thank you so much, you pick out the perfect one for us, she is loving and playful and small, and the color I like. I went to the store after we got her to show my boyfriend, and almost everyone was asking what kind of dog she is, one lady asked me for you website she is interested now in looking in to them. kasyno online bez depozytu Here are some pictures of when we picked her up at the airport the first one is of Ruby and I and the other ones are my mom and dad with her, the last one is of her sleeping when we went to dinner after getting her; she just fell right asleep. If you want more pictures for anything just let me know, I’ll keep in touch. gry hazardowe lotto Thanks again for making this experience so great we really appreciate everything you do.

Thanks again
Kristen and family

Ruby the Puggle
Ruby the Puggle
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I just wanted to let you know how Bailey is doing. He is full of energy and love. I can not thank you enough. He is such a wonderful puppy. He gets along with our Pug Princess great. We took them both camping to the ocean Bailey loved it. He swam, dug, and ran along the beach. He enjoys being inside as well as outside and he loved camping. automaty online gry You picked the right pup for us. Once again thanks a million.

Melanie and Cory

                                 Baily the Puggle

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Just a quick note to let you know that we got Newman to the Vet and he checked out okay and there were no problems! gaminator kredit He really likes the vet actually and made some new friends there :). gaminátor játék We changed his name from Suffy to Newman the very next day…it seemed to fit him better. Here are a couple of pics and we’ll send you some more in the weeks to come! He’s doing so well and is very happy and makes us very happy! gaminator bónusz kód Thankyou again,

JP and Ruth

                Newman the Puggle

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Hi! I just wanted you to know that all went well with the pick up of our puggle “Lucy” with Erin. zakłady bukmacherskie jak grać Erin was wonderful! Lucy is wonderful as well! She is sweet and loving and also very spunky, social, unintimidated and fearless. She is a darker, reddish fawn color. kasyno online wpłaty sms Really pretty! She has adapted to our family and home, including our other pets, in no time. automaty online apollo She has her own bed but only wants to sleep with our 90 pound Weimeraner in his bed! She is really playful and fun, very smart, and already sleeps through the night. We love her! Thank you!


                                                  Lucy the Puggle
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Hi Stu:

As promised, I thought I would send you some current pictures of the puggle we bought from you in July — Dozer. As you can see, he has recovered from his Cherry Eye surgery quite nicely and we are TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM! He seems to feel the same way about us. gry kasyno 77777 Dozer is currently 5 months old and weights about 14 lbs. kasyno online bez depozytu 2022 He has the best personality — better than we could have ever imagined. Thank you, AGAIN, for selling us such a wonderful little guy. Enjoy the pictures and Happy Halloween!

P.S. Dozer is in a “Puppy and Me” class every Tuesday evening, with me and the kids. zakłady bukmacherskie betclic He is by far the smartest in the class!
Have a wonderful day.

                       Dozer the Puggle
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Hollie is a wonderful addition to my home. She is the most loving, energetic puppy you could ask for. She loves to be held, and cuddle in your lap. She is also very smart. At just 7 pounds, she’s learned to jump on and off of a couch many times her size. darmowe gry hazardowe online She loves to play with other dogs, no matter what their size may be. She is really the apple of my eye, and I couldn’t begin to tell you the amount of people that stop to ask about her. apex automaty online za darmo Thank you for the opportunity to love such a wonderful little girl! zakłady online pl


                         Hollie the Puggle
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Elanor (Elly)

Just thought we would send an update on Eleanor (Elly)… she is in week four of obedience school now and is really starting to catch on. v sport tippmix She is so tiny compared to all the other dogs in her class, but she thinks and acts like a big dog so she holds her own just fine! sportfogadás tippek naponta

Elly is the first puggle people have ever seen up here, so we are constantly being stopped to talk about her and everyone tells us how adorable she is. It’s always funny because everyone will say “Oooh! Are you ever going to be a big dog!” We can’t believe how many people think she is a boxer puppy that hasn’t had her growth spurt yet! We were concerned about her needing more space than our one bedroom condo could provide, but it seems that as long as she can sit on mom’s feet, she’s pretty content no matter what space she’s in.

She is alot smaller than we thought she would be by now (excellent surprise- at 14 weeks she is still only 9 pounds) and breaks our hearts every time we look at her. She is so smart it’s scary sometimes, the way she will communicate that she would like more food (stares at you, then the food bowl, then you, then the cupboard where the food dish is, then you, then the bowl) or just sit and wait beside whatever it is she’d like you to fix/refill/get unstuck for her. It’s hilarious to watch.

The snow has almost completely melted in Winnipeg, so the poor girl has no idea what this green fluffy stuff is that she now has to walk on… It’s pretty funny to watch! And since you asked, yes, we are in serious hockey withdrawal up here, especially this time of year because we would be gearing up for playoff time right now. Elly has proved to be a great distraction for her mom and dad, are we are thankful for that!

We have a few pictures of her to send for you to attach to your testimonials, and we wanted to thank you again for our wonderful little girl. niké sportfogadás

Carolyn and Jason

                Ellie the Puggle
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Hi, my name is Jennifer. My husband and I bought a boston terrier/beagle puppy from you last fall. She is the greatest joy in our life. sportfogadas online She is so playful and LOVES to cuddle. sportfogadás fórum Everytime we walk her people are always asking her breed and fall in love with her adorable features. I have yet to see any more of her mixed breeds on your site. Do you plan on producing any more pups like her? megbízható tippmix tippek It would be a shame if you didn’t. She has such a perfect temperment.

Thanks again for adding such joy to our lives!!!!


        Payton the Boston terrier/ beagle
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I just wanted to let you know that Kenji is doing wonderful and that he’s quite a quick learner. www.wygrane zakłady sportowe And boy does he love going on walks, he already knows how to ask us for a walk by sitting in front of the door and staring at us. gry hazardowe za kase He brightens us up everyday and he has become such a big part of our family. darmowe gry kasyno bez logowania opinie

Thanks again,

Susan and Steven

                        Kenji the Puggle
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Hi Meghan & Stu

It’s Uyen & Gery, we choose pocket puggle #542 back in August. We just wanted to say thanks for all your help, we named our puppy Charlie, and we absolutely love him. Charlie is doing very well, he has lots of love, he started dog training last week and he is great, he’s a quick learner. We just can’t get enough of him, he’s fun, playful and active, he is also sweet and affectionate. pokaż darmowe gry hazardowe We are celebrities here where we live because we are the only couple that has a puggle. We would just like to say thanks for giving us the perfect pup. milenium zaklady sportowe pl We’ve also attached some pictures of Charlie, check out how cute he is. jak wygrywać zakłady sportowe

Thanks so much

Uyen & Gery

                                                  Charley the Puggle
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Megan & Stu-

I am so sorry this email is so delayed. We got out puggle, Riley from you last Dec. magyar fogadóiroda 2004. WE LOVE HER!! She is the sweetest thing, so energetic, and the cutest dog we have ever seen. nyerögépes játékok ingyen kockás She was very east to train and very smart.

She has such a personality, and sometimes is a little sass, but funny. We live in Chicago and get stopped all the time asking us what she is! sportfogadás tippek naponta

Thank you for helping us with our little Riley, she is a pure joy!

Thank you-
Trisha & Michael

                                                                           Riley the Puggle
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Koney Dog

Thank you Pet City for Koney Dog! tippmix tippek ingyen She has changed our lives for the better, and we can’t imagine being without her! She is so smart and has been very easy to train. She has learned so much in the 2 months we have had her – it’s amazing! niké.sk sportfogadás These little dogs definitely have the best personality and are never annoying and yippy. We love her so much and she really loves us! She follows us around the house and always wants to fall asleep in our laps or next to us. tippmix foci eredmények Everywhere we go people comment on how good looking of a dog she is! Since we got Koney, all of our friends want to get puggles too! Pet City is always highly recommended by us. Attached are some recent pictures of Koney. She is a little over 4 months old and 15 lbs.

Thanks again!

Maryann and Jason

                   Koney Dog the Puggle
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Hi Stu and Megan,

We purchased our puggle from you one year ago this month! She was called “Bette Davis” in the store but we’ve renamed her “Biscotti. zaklady bukmacherskie fortuna ” I can’t believe we’ve had our ‘snuggle-puggle’ for a whole year… she has the best temperament of any dog I’ve met. darmowe gry hazardowe bez logowania Biscotti loves to go running and kayaking, but also loves cuddling up with her head on your knee. gry hazardowe jednoręki bandyta

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help last year.

Best wishes,
Tiffany and Matthew

                    Biscotti the Puggle
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Puggle named Puggles

We just want to let you know that our Puggle, (named Puggles) will be turning 6 months old on 8/12/05. zaklady bukmacherskie pl We thought that a picture of a black Puggle would be nice to show on your website since most Puggles are fawn in color. We are all very happy with Puggles, she is a very smart puppy and a true loveable pet. I would be happy to tell anyone that is considering purchasing a puppy to consider a Puggle. zakłady sportowe płatność sms Puggles is awesome. We are truly happy with our new addition to our family and our 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier (Buttons) and our 7 year old cat (TK) love their new playmate. zaklady bukmacherskie polska slowacja

The Clark family, Midland, MI


      Puggles the Puggle

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Hi Meghan,

Just wanted to thank you again and send you some pictures. We have decided on the name Sadie. She is a darling, trying to keep up with her sister. One of the pciture is Sadie and her sister Layla chilling on the couch with a bone. zakłady online bukmacherskie Sadie has also found that she loves napping on the couch.

Thanks again,


                     Sadie the Puggle
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Hello Stu and Meghan,

We have just found time to email you to tell you how great our new little puggle (named Milton) has been. We got him on Aug 30 and he was #544. He is a joy to have ever since he got off the plane. He was shy at first but quickly warmed up to us. He has brought so much joy and excitement to our house. nyerögépes játékok ingyen letöltése We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. bukméker He is so smart and full of personality. We just can’t get enough of him. He has added so much to our lives. tippmix kombinációs táblázat Thank you for your great service and making sure everything went smoothly. Here is a couple of pictures of him.

Thanks Again

Cory and Starla

                  Milton the Puggle
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Hi Megan & Stu,

Here are some pictures of Maya the puggle that I got from you. When I came in the store Megan told me how perfect she was, and that she was the cutest one, and of course I agree. betfan zakłady bukmacherskie I have not seen a cuter puggle than her. She has been very healthy since I got her. She isn t perfect, but she has been a fairly good puppy. I am so pleased with the time and care that I received from you both. darmowe gry kasyno maszyny I am so happy with my decision to get this puggle from you! efortuna zakłady bukmacherskie Best wishes for the holidays!!


                      Maya the Puggle