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Hi guys, you asked me to send you a picture of our Pocket Puggle in six months. Well here she is..Two pictures from the day we got her next to a stuffed pug and one in her little bed; and a couple from the other day. Notice the same stuffed pug is in the picture. She is seven months old and weighs 14.5 pounds. You originally said 10 to 11 pounds, but she hasn’t grown any in about 3 weeks so we think she has finally reached her max. Plus, we love her size!

We just love her. She has given us so much joy. She is the lovingest dog I have ever seen! We take her everywhere. If you remember, we got her for my wife, but she has really taken to me and I love it!

Thank You
Dr. Shelley A. Gale
Immanuel Baptist Church
Klamath Falls, Oregon

                Missy the Pocket Puggle