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Hi Meghan & Stu:

Our Pocket Puggle “Max” is now a little over one-year-old, and not a
Pocket Puggle anymore! He’s 28 pounds and healthy. fogadóiroda He is the best dog
we’ve ever owned! Besides the fact that he is devistatingly handsome,
he is such a loving, kind, playful, and happy dog.

He needs two walks a day to keep his energy level down — but that’s
good, because it keeps us in shape! We just brought a new Beagle puppy
home about two weeks ago and Max has welcomed him with open arms. They
already get along so well –they play together, eat together, and
sleep together.

But thank you both, Meghan & Stu, for introducing us to the Puggle
breed. They are such fantastic dogs!

You guys are so awesome to work with — if anyone of our family
members or friends wants to get a Puggle, I will be sure to give them
your information.

Spence, Chaucer & Nancy