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Elanor (Elly)

Just thought we would send an update on Eleanor (Elly)… she is in week four of obedience school now and is really starting to catch on. She is so tiny compared to all the other dogs in her class, but she thinks and acts like a big dog so she holds her own just fine!

Elly is the first puggle people have ever seen up here, so we are constantly being stopped to talk about her and everyone tells us how adorable she is. It’s always funny because everyone will say “Oooh! Are you ever going to be a big dog!” We can’t believe how many people think she is a boxer puppy that hasn’t had her growth spurt yet! We were concerned about her needing more space than our one bedroom condo could provide, but it seems that as long as she can sit on mom’s feet, she’s pretty content no matter what space she’s in.

She is alot smaller than we thought she would be by now (excellent surprise- at 14 weeks she is still only 9 pounds) and breaks our hearts every time we look at her. She is so smart it’s scary sometimes, the way she will communicate that she would like more food (stares at you, then the food bowl, then you, then the cupboard where the food dish is, then you, then the bowl) or just sit and wait beside whatever it is she’d like you to fix/refill/get unstuck for her. It’s hilarious to watch.

The snow has almost completely melted in Winnipeg, so the poor girl has no idea what this green fluffy stuff is that she now has to walk on… It’s pretty funny to watch! And since you asked, yes, we are in serious hockey withdrawal up here, especially this time of year because we would be gearing up for playoff time right now. Elly has proved to be a great distraction for her mom and dad, are we are thankful for that!

We have a few pictures of her to send for you to attach to your testimonials, and we wanted to thank you again for our wonderful little girl.

Carolyn and Jason

                Ellie the Puggle